25x25@BLIZZMAX August 4-26,2018

Opening Saturday August 4 @ 7pm

More than 25 artists created a patchwork piece to celebrate 25 years of Blizzmax Gallery. The dimensions of each piece was 25 x 25 cm.


Artists: Jill Seer, Kato Wake, Evelyn Michalofski, Rhonda Nolan, Leanne Rhem, Billy Munnelly, Buffy Carruthers, Peter Blendell, Peter Mennacher, Tammy Love, Chrissy Poitras, Kyle Topping, Judy Clark, Gerry Jenkison, Olga Everaert, Kelly Cade, Cynthia McQuillan, Vanessa Pandos, Terry Veevers, Carl Wiens and Graham Davies.


Click on the first image to launch the slide show.